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The entire expense of in-dealership warranty administration can be a surprising number to most dealerships. By comparing the cost associated with the time that your employees spend on warranty administration, the following tool can help determine what your expense is for one year. Use your exact numbers or simply use the sample numbers provided.

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Step 1 of 5: Please input the hourly wage and weekly hours for employees involved in warranty operations at your dealership.
Warranty Administrator
Hourly wage $10.80 $ /hour
Hours/week 40 hrs. $  hours
Overtime hours 0 hrs. $  hours.
Yearly Wage Total $22,464 $
Total yearly wages for all employees
Step 2 of 5: Please input the yearly benefit costs.
Warranty Administrator
FICA/Medicare $2,200 $ /year
Health Plan $3,600 $ /year
Unemployment/ workman's comp $90 $ /year
401 K, profit sharing $0 $ /year
Miscellaneous: Demo vehicle, uniforms, etc. $200 $ /year
Benefits Yearly Total $6,090.00 $
Total yearly benefits for all employees
Step 3 of 5: Please input the amount of time spent on warranty per day.
Warranty Administrator
Warranty Time    
Hours per day spent on warranty 8 hrs. hrs.
Yearly Warranty Time Total 2080 hrs. hrs.
Total time spent on warranty for all employees
Step 4 of 5: Please input any additional costs associated with processing warranty claims at your dealership.
Additional Costs    
Yearly warranty training $875 $ /year
Yearly cost for warranty software, time guides (USC, ADP, R&R) and integration $500 $ / year
Yearly Additional Warranty Cost Total $ $
Month: $
Year: $
Step 5 of 5: Now input your 263 account annual figure from your financial statement

It costs your dealership to process warranty claims in-house.
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