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Suggested warranty topics: Ignition|Cross-line|Tire|Transportation|Inspection|Submission|Coverage|Emissions|Global|Concern|Fluid|Leak|Engine|Transmission|Transfer Case|Replacement|Self Authorization|Parts|Smart Care|Corrosion|Panel|Paint|Roadside|Powertrain|Diesel|Exhaust|WPC|Warranty Parts Center|Accessories|PDI|Job Card|Revenue|Recalls|PQC|Shuttles|Goodwill|Labor Operation|PQC|Wiring|Electronic|IVH|Chevrolet|Buick||GMC|Cadillac|Add On|Technician

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Customer Reviews

Our customers say it best...

I really liked the DEF video, it had information that I didn't know and saved me a ton of rejects.

Dale - Springfield, IL

Online training comes in very handy with training new service employees. The courses are self-explanatory and easy to follow, the animation helps keep your attention rather than just staring at someone talking. I use the training to brush up on claims types not used very often like transportation claims.

Stacey - Saginaw, MI

Entertaining Graphics

Carlos - Vacaville, CA

What peeked my interest in the online training was the Global Module, I was able to go directly to certain area's of the training module and find what I needed. I don't know what I would have done during the Global transition without that module.

Diane - Bloomer, WI

The online training modules are short and to the point, no blocking out a portion of your day to do training. Online training will also help train a new employee.

Angela - Alpena, MI

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Pricing: Online Warranty Training Videos

Online Warranty Training Videos are included with a Warranty Administration Program membership. The program offers the most extensive package of warranty information, training, and support available.

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Included with a Warranty Administration Program membership.

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Community Forum

Community Forum

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