GM Recall Summary

Warranty Recall Summary

Quickly access labor operations and labor times with this summary of current vehicle recalls.

GM Recall Summary Content

Warranty Recall Summary

Determine the appropriate recall labor operation number and corresponding labor time accurately and effortlessly using this clear and concise guide.

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About the Warranty Recall SUmmary

You'll appreciate how easy it is to access labor operations and labor times with this quick summary of vehicle recalls. The Recall Summary contains each recall number in numerical order starting with the most current.

The Recall Summary Contains:
  • Each recall in numerical order
  • A description of the recall
  • The repair performed
  • The expiration date, if applicable
  • The correct labor operation
  • The correct labor time
  • Applicable Net items and add conditions
  • Complete listing of special policies
Recall Description Labor Op Labor Time
Reprogram Electronic Parking Brake Control Module with SPS
9101415 0.3

Please review the actual recall for complete details

Online Quick Look-Up Version

Exclusive access for members of the Warranty Administration Program

Online Quick Look-Up Version

Access the Recall Summary data online with a quick look-up tool. Input a recall number or descriptive keyword to view summarized recall information; such as the description, labor time, and the expiration, if applicable. Updates are available instantly.

  • Up-to-date information
  • Search by Recall Number
  • Search by Keyword
Recall Summary Online Version

Customer Reviews

I especially like the recall quick reference - There are so many out there, it is hard to keep up.

Randy, Warranty Administrator - Deluth, MN

I really liked the "Quick Reference" - no time to look up every little thing. A warranty administrator's day is busy enough as it is. Thanks!!

Mickey, Service Manager - Kansas City, MO

I use my Recall Summary every day and keep it within arm's reach. It saves me so much time, thanks.

Dianne, Warranty Administrator - Andalusia, AL

Recall Summary is great to have, I give copies to our service advisors to keep them up to date on recalls as well.

Doug, Service Manager - Mobile, AL

Recalls can always be tricky, the summary was very helpful.

Amy, Warranty Administrator - Pittsburg, PA

The Recall Summary is great - a real time saver, it's definitely a quicker way to find a recall & brief description.

Susan, Warranty Administrator- Clearwater, FL

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