The Official Warranty Guide

Quickly identify OEM warranty on all vehicles!

Official Warranty Guide Coverage Page Example

Warranty Coverage

Includes each OEM's warranty coverage featuring:

  • Basic Warranty
  • Powertrain Warranty
  • Corrosion Warranty
  • Hybrid Components
  • Emission Components
  • Cross Border Policy
  • Powertrain Transferable
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Safety Restraints
  • Specific Components
  • Maintenance

Pre-Owned Vehicles

Includes each OEM's CPO program featuring:

Launch Date





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Official Warranty Guide State Title, Licencse, Lien, Sales, Tax Page Example

State Title, License, Lien, Sales, Tax Information

Includes each state's policy regarding:

  • Title
  • License
  • Lien
  • Sales
  • Tax
  • State DMV Contact Information

Warranty Extensions

Includes a complete list of warranty extensions.




Official Warranty Guide Extensions Page Example

Official Warranty Guide Roadside Assistance Page Example

Roadside Assistance

Includes each OEM's roadside assistance coverage:

  • Towing
  • Battery Jump Start
  • Flat Tire Change
  • Lock Out
  • Extraction Service
  • Winch Service
  • Fuel/Fluid Delivery
  • Emergency Valet
  • Trip Routing
  • Trip Interruption
  • On-site Assistance
  • Mechanical Repairs
  • Car Theft Protection

About The Official Warranty Guide

Quickly identify OEM warranty on all vehicles.

The Official Warranty Guide is a complete, "at-your-fingertips," guide that details OEMs' warranty guidelines, deductibles, warranty extensions, and other pertinent warranty information. It's great for used car dealers, service contract companies, auctions, and more.

  • Appraise used vehicles with greater confidence.
  • Become familiar with which type of new vehicle warranty coverages transfer and whether transfer requirements have been met.
  • OEM warranty coverages (including basic, emissions, hybrid, corrosion and powertrain) and the term limits of each are defined within the guide, allowing for warrantable defects to be handled by the OEM under warranty, rather than out of pocket.
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Take a peek at what's inside.

OEM Warranty Coverage

Includes each OEM's warranty coverage featuring basic, powertrain, corrosion, hybrid components, emission components, powertrain transferable, roadside assistance, safety restraints, specific components, maintenance, and notes.

Model Year 2012 2013-2024
Basic 4/50,000 4/50,000
Powertrain 4/50,000 4/50,000
Corrosion 12/Unlimited 12/Unlimited
EV / Hybrid Specific Components N/A 8/100,000
Emission Components Specific Components 8/80,000: Manufacturer covers emissions components under basic warranty. Emissions coverage may vary by state. Refer to owner’s manual for specific details.
Cross Border Policy U.S. or Canadian specification vehicles registered outside of the 50 states of the U.S., the District of Columbia, or the territories or provinces of Canada, the New Vehicle Limited Warranty will still apply if the vehicle was originally registered in the U.S. or Canada.
Powertrain Transferable No cost, unlimited owners covered. No cost, unlimited owners covered.
Roadside Assistance 4/Unlimited 4/Unlimited. Free towing for life up to 25 miles.
Safety Restraints 5/Unlimited includes seat belts and SRS. 5/Unlimited includes seat belts and SRS.
Safety belt coverage 10/Unlimited for new vehicles sold in the state of Kansas.
Specific Components Batteries covered for 4/50,000. Batteries covered for 4/50,000.
Adjustments 1/12,000.
Maintenance First four visits are covered. First three visits are covered.
2014 and newer models 3/36,000 complimentary scheduled maintenance.
Notes N/A N/A

jlwarranty recommends performing a vehicle information report to confirm warranty coverage

View all OEMs included in this section of the Official Warranty Guide:

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Includes each OEM's Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program featuring launch date, eligibility, term, coverage, and deductible.

Eligibility Less than 6/80,000, 150 point inspection
Term 1/12,000 added if beyond new car warranty. 7/100,000 powertrain warranty effective from original in-service date
Coverage Comprehensive, roadside assistance
Deductible No
View all OEMs included in this section of the Official Warranty Guide:

State Title, License, Lien, Sales, Tax Information

Includes each state's policy regarding title, license, lien, sales, and tax as well as state DMV contact information.

Tax Rate 6%
License Policy License plates retained by owner
Lien Policy Lien recorded on title
Special Policy N/A
Title Policy Title issued
DMV Information Department of State: Richard H Austin Bldg 4th Floor, 430 W. Allegan St.,Lansing, MI 48918
Telephone (888)767-6424

Warranty Extension

Repairs beyond the warranty period, as specified by the OEM, that are non-safety related. If a covered repair has been previously performed and paid for by the customer, then most warranty extensions have provisions to reimburse the customer if original repair bills can be produced.

A complete list of warranty extensions listed by OEM. Includes the year, model, and limits for each warranty extension.

Warranty Extension Year Model Limits
14425 Improperly formed hood panel clinch joints 2014 Buick Verano, Chevrolet Sonic 10/150,000

Get Your Official Warranty Guide To Access:

  • 2 Acura Warranty Extensions
  • 4 Audi Warranty Extensions
  • 42 Chrysler Warranty Extensions
  • 54 Ford Warranty Extensions
  • 83 GM Warranty Extensions
  • 9 Honda Warranty Extensions
  • 6 Hyundai Warranty Extensions
  • 2 Infiniti Warranty Extensions
  • 5 Kia Warranty Extensions
  • 4 Mercedes-Benz Warranty Extensions
  • 1 Mini Warranty Extension
  • 2 Mitsubishi Warranty Extensions
  • 6 Nissan Warranty Extensions
  • 4 Subaru Warranty Extensions
  • 1 Tesla Warranty Extension
  • 3 Toyota Warranty Extensions
  • 7 Volkswagen Warranty Extensions

Roadside Assistance

Includes each OEM's roadside assistance coverage. Includes towing, battery jump start, flat tire change, lock out, extrication service, winch service, fuel/fluid delivery, emergency valet, trip routing, trip interruption, on-site assistance, mechanical repairs, and car theft protection.

Make Towing Battery Jump Start Flat Tire Change Lock Out Extrication Service Winch Service Fuel/Fluid Delivery Emergency Valet Trip Routing Trip Interruption On-site Assistance Mechanical Repairs EV Battery Charge
Acura Roadside Assistance
Alfa Romeo Roadside Assistance
Aston Martin Roadside Assistance
Audi Roadside Assistance
Bentley Roadside Assistance
BMW Roadside Assistance
Buick Roadside Assistance
Cadillac Roadside Assistance
Chevrolet Roadside Assistance
Chevrolet Trucks Roadside Assistance
Chrysler Roadside Assistance
Dodge Roadside Assistance
Ferrari Roadside Assistance
Fiat Roadside Assistance
Ford Roadside Assistance
Ford Trucks Roadside Assistance
Genesis Roadside Assistance
GMC Roadside Assistance
Honda Roadside Assistance
Hyundai Roadside Assistance
Infiniti Roadside Assistance
Jaguar Roadside Assistance
Jeep Roadside Assistance
Kia Roadside Assistance
Land Rover Roadside Assistance
Lexus Roadside Assistance
Lincoln Roadside Assistance
Lotus Roadside Assistance
Lucid Roadside Assistance
Maserati Roadside Assistance
Mazda Roadside Assistance
Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance
MINI Roadside Assistance
Mitsubishi Roadside Assistance
Nissan Roadside Assistance
Panoz Roadside Assistance
Polestar Roadside Assistance
Porsche Roadside Assistance
Ram Roadside Assistance
Rivian Roadside Assistance
Rolls-Royce Roadside Assistance
Smart Roadside Assistance
Subaru Roadside Assistance
Tesla Roadside Assistance
Toyota Roadside Assistance
Volkswagen Roadside Assistance
Volvo Roadside Assistance

Warranty Information

  • Interpreting A VIN
  • Lemon Laws
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Goodwill Adjustment

Warranty Definitions

BASIC WARRANTY - The specific terms established by each manufacturer to repair vehicles through a specified mileage and/or time period. All factory installed parts and some dealer installed accessories are covered against defects and workmanship. Tires carry their own warranty (but can be repaired under the factory warranty by some manufacturers). Wear items and adjustments may have limited or no coverage. This coverage is always the most comprehensive and typically goes with the vehicle. (Unlimited owners covered for the term of the warranty).

POWERTRAIN / DRIVETRAIN / MAJOR COMPONENT - Warranty coverage that normally consists of the engine, transmission/transaxle, differential drive shaft assembly, or other major cost components. Be sure to check specific components against the manufacturer’s owners manual. Check owner eligibility.

CORROSION WARRANTY - Covers rust-through perforation on sheet metal with actual holes. Surface corrosion from nicks, chips, and scratches are not covered. For most manufacturers, corrosion warranties are transferrable. (See each specific chart for coverage time, miles, and deductibles.)

HYBRID WARRANTY - Covers certain hybrid components of the vehicle such as the hybrid electrical system and/or battery.

EMISSIONS WARRANTIES - The Federal Emissions Warranty guidelines are based on federal regulations and apply to Federal-Certified Vehicles in all 50 states and U.S. possessions.

California has adopted emissions warranty regulations In addition to the federal regulations applicable to California Certified Vehicles registered and operated in that state.

The following states have also adopted California emission warranty regulations:

  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Maine: Most newer vehicles will have a “tune-up” label indicating what emission warranties apply.
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • New York: has adopted California exhaust emission standards with federal emissions coverage.
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont: Most newer vehicles will have a “tune-up” label indicating what emission warranties apply.
  • Washington

Emissions warranty is one situation where non-genuine factory parts could be covered under warranty if the customer-installed failed part is labeled “Certified to EPA Standards.” Vehicles are covered by two types of emissions control system warranty, “Emission Defect Warranty” and “Emissions Performance Warranty.”

Performance Warranty is a requirement of the Clean Air Act and is applicable in areas/states that require Emission Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) testing. If a vehicle fails an I/M test during the first 2 yrs/24,000 miles (California standards 3 yrs/50,000 miles), the dealer is authorized to do whatever it takes to bring that vehicle within specs. The factory will pay for parts, labor and diagnosis time. In fact, if a vehicle can’t be brought within specs, then the burden is on the dealer to notify the factory.

The balance of the Emissions Warranty is the Defect Warranty portion. California standards are 3 yrs/ 50,000 miles with some items covered for 7 yrs/70,000 miles. Starting in the 1995 model year, under On-Board Diagnostic (OBDII) Standards, Federal Emissions Coverage for most manufacturers is consistent with their bumper-to-bumper coverage. Certain emissions components such as the catalytic converter and the electronic emissions control unit (PCM), are covered for 8 yrs/80,000 miles.

Note: It is essential when quoting emissions warranty coverage that the owner’s manual or engine label be referred to for actual time/mileage and component coverage.

What Warranties Do Not Cover

Certain repairs are NOT covered by the Basic Warranty, these include:
  • Repairs caused by environmental hazards, such as airborne fallout, chemicals, tree sap, and salt are not usually covered by certain OEMs. Refer to the warranty coverage manual. Road hazards, hail, windstorms, lightning, floods, and other acts of nature are not covered.
  • Repairs caused by improper maintenance or owner negligence.
  • Repairs caused by fire, accident, objects striking the vehicle, or owner misuse or abuse (such as driving over curbs, overloading, racing, etc.).
  • Repairs to damage caused by alteration or modification of the vehicle, or by the use of improper or contaminated fuels, freon, or lubricants.
  • Normal maintenance costs (unless specified by the OEM) such as engine tune-up, lubrication, cleaning and polishing.
  • Repairs to tires (unless otherwise noted in charts) are covered under separate tire OEM warranties unless related to a component defect. Some OEMs do not cover phone and accessories repairs.

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