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About WAMM

Warranty Administrators Club of Mid-Michigan

Exchanging Ideas and Growing Together

The Warranty Administrators Club of Mid-Michigan (WAMM) is a resourceful group of warranty professionals who gather together to discuss warranty issues, trends, tips and network with one another. It is led by a team of warranty experts, consultants, trainers, and fellow warranty administrators whose focus is to ensure that WAMM members stay up-to-date on warranty. WAMM maintains focus on its members through education on current topics of interest in warranty administration.

The idea for forming WAMM grew out of feedback received from jlwarranty's Warranty Management Workshops. With jlwarranty's help, WAMM was created in April of 1998. Within just a few months, several warranty administrators around Mid-Michigan became members. jlwarranty acts as a club president for the local warranty administrator club in Mid-Michigan. As a club leader, jlwarranty strives to provide informative speakers, training tools, tips, and warranty information at each meeting.

Topics Covered

Every meeting is different, but some of the common themes we cover are as follows...

  • Policy & Procedure Updates
  • Compliancy
  • Common Rejects
  • Emmissions Warranty
  • Empowerment
  • Technician Time Documentation
  • The Labor Time Guide
  • Areas of Missed Revenue

2021 Meeting Dates

Time Activity Details
11:30-11:40 Reception Meet and greet your fellow warranty professionals!
11:40-12:30 Plated Lunch Included
12:30-1:30 Guest Speaker: Matt Weissenborn, Assistant Manager Warranty Administration • Topic 1: Certified Service Mobile Toolbox Enhancements and new Modules
• Topic 2: Chevrolet EV Requirements
• Topic 3: Error 856 Issue on Bolt Recall Transactions
• Topic 4: Cadillac CTA and Courtesy Transportation Usage
• Topic 5: Technician IDs and GWM
• Topic 6: Brand Maintenance
1:30-1:45 HOLIDAY GIFT EXCHANGE • Bring a $10 gift to participate in the exchange.
1:45 Closing See you next time!
RSVP $25 per person

Club Officials

Coordinators of WAMM, here to answer your questions!

Kristen Parcher


989.662.1000 x 117 | email

Shammah Dowker


989.662.1000 x 124 | email

Membership Dues

Help Keep the Club Running!

Here's what your input goes toward...

  • Venue Fees
  • Food and Drink
  • Informative Trips
  • Guest Speakers
  • Holiday Meetings

Please make checks payable to GM Warranty Administrators Club

$25per meeting


Take it from our members!
  • Customer Testimonails

    Great reference for up-to-date information. It is great to know how other administrators deal with their problem claims.

    Sherry Garber Management Group
  • Customer Testimonails

    I have learned more from the club members and speakers than from anywhere else.

    Vickie Bill Fox Chevrolet
  • Customer Testimonails

    Having these meetings every other month really helps me to stay on top of updates, bulletins, and recalls. These meetings are a nice break. I like to hear the feedback from the other warranty administrators.

    Kristine Joseph Chevrolet

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