At your dealership - At your convenience - Customized to meet your specific needs

Is Warranty Training right for you?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my warranty department operating the best it can?
  • Do my service advisors understand their role in warranty?
  • Was my warranty administrator self-taught?
  • Is my 263 schedule current? If it is, am I confident I am claiming all I am entitled to?
  • If I found out I will be audited, how prepared would I be?
  • When was the last time someone other than my Fixed Operations Manager reviewed my warranty transactions?

Our Goal

  • To provide training that is easy to understand.
  • To make you aware of the benefits and features of GM GlobalConnect.
  • To explain all that is required for total compliance in your warranty transactions.
  • To make you aware of all the dollars allowed with your warranty transactions.
  • To help you keep what you collect.

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About In-Dealership Warranty Training

jlwarranty offers customized, in-dealership warranty training for GM service personnel involved in any aspect of warranty transaction processing. Since warranty transactions are an important source of revenue for any dealership, a solid understanding of warranty operations is essential. One of our experienced warranty trainers will help ensure your warranty transactions are properly documented and that you understand all that is allowed to be claimed according to GM Service Policies and Procedures. We can also review your previous warranty transactions for policy deviations and provide recommendations to correct the root cause.

Your team

Many dealerships are fortunate to have a well-trained warranty administrator capable of properly submitting warranty transactions. However, the entire submission process involves more than just this one individual. Service advisors, service managers, technicians, and other members of the service department all play a vital role. How knowledgeable are these individuals in your dealership?

Lack of awareness or experience can not only subject warranty transactions to costly charge backs, but can also increase the chance of missing claimable warranty dollars.

Reasons to seek training

Often, dealerships hire us to train a new warranty administrator, service manager, or service advisor. Some dealerships decide to get warranty training because they feel that not everyone in the service department is on the same page in regards to GM’s Policies and Procedures. Some recognize that it is difficult to keep up with all the changes in warranty procedures and are looking for one source to provide them with current information, as well as a review of GM’s longstanding warranty requirements. Some dealerships that hire us have problems with high warranty expense, while others are questioning their low warranty expense and are wondering if they aren’t claiming everything they are entitled to.

The most effective way to make sure your warranty transactions are coded and documented correctly so that you receive all the revenue that you are due is to get everyone involved in the most up-to-date training. We can do that for you.

How it works

We bring the entire team up to speed on the importance of proper warranty transaction documentation and submission to ensure that warranty transactions are being created and administered the right way.

Prior to the visit

  1. Click the "Get Started" button to complete a request form or call 800.852.6298.
  2. You will be contacted by jlwarranty to discuss concerns and create an agenda for training.
  3. If you wish to proceed, jlwarranty will supply you with a training proposal.
  4. If there are no changes to the proposal, jlwarranty will finalize the arrangements and our warranty trainer will be at your dealership on the determined date.

During the visit

Since our warranty training is custom made to meet your needs, the training will vary depending on what you want to accomplish. But it is service management and the warranty administrator we work with the most to make sure that they completely understand all that is necessary to be in complete compliance with GM's warranty policies.

After the visit

Phone and email support will be available to answer any questions the dealership may have.

The investment in your service department will benefit everyone when they have gained confidence by having a complete understanding of General Motor's rules for warranty transaction reimbursement.

Customizing Your Warranty Training

At your dealership - At your convenience - Customized to meet your needs
What Is Typically Covered:
  • Proper job card documentation
  • Service management approval and authorization requirements
  • Authorization code explanations
  • Specific OEM programs and policies
  • Correct labor operation usage
  • Reject codes and how to correct rejected transactions
  • Parts retention, scrapping and the Warranty Part Center procedures
  • Transportation and paint transactions
  • Warranty expense reports
  • How to submit a warranty transaction
  • How to route transactions for GM approval
Timeframe Topic Covered
Day One Introduction
Review Warranty Seminar Manual
Walk around shop/parts department
Begin in-depth review of dealer claims
Day Two Continue review of dealer claims
Based on dealer needs - meet with parts department/service consultants/service manager to review warranty processes as they apply to their position
Day Three Complete review of claims
Audit review
More Options:
  • We can conduct one-on-one or group meetings with your service advisors and technicians to go over their responsibilities in regards to warranty transactions.
  • We can go over rejected transactions and explain why they rejected and what actions are required for correction.
  • We will explain the warranty analysis reports so that you can monitor your warranty expense and see the breakdown of the warranty dollars you are being reimbursed for and identify the triggers that are causing differential points.
  • If requested, we will look at your previously paid job cards and review for compliancy and missed revenue.
  • Because we are involved in warranty job cards every day, we can easily spot unwanted trends, incorrect transaction submission, deviation from policies and procedures, and other warranty issues that are common problem areas for dealerships.
  • We also show dealers areas of missed warranty revenue. Many dealers are not claiming warranty dollars that they are fully entitled to because they aren't aware they can.
Problem Explanation
Warranty Parts Center debits The WPC will request specific parts to be returned for inspection and allow dealers 21 days to return the parts requested. If the parts aren't returned in the allotted time, the dealer is debited the entire amount of the claim. Too many dealers get debited due to the fact that they aren't paying attention to these requests. We have seen dealers lose several thousand dollars on a single claim.
Administrative allowances GM offers a labor administrative allowance on many repairs that are sublet or part of an exchange program. This extra labor time is only paid to the dealer if they ask for it. We have uncovered many dealerships that do not claim this extra labor time, thus missing out on hundreds of dollars.
Pyramid repairs Choosing labor operations for repairs made by technicians isn't as easy as many think. Even after finding the correct labor operation, the warranty administrator must be aware of any overlaps or same system repairs within the repair order. Should it be one labor operation with straight time or should it be two separate labor operations? Does the claim need an authorization code or will the claim pay without it? GM monitors authorization codes and if a dealership uses these codes too often, or ineffectively, they may restrict this empowerment.
Add-on repairs not authorized There are numerous situations that fall under the category of add-on repairs and they must be properly approved and authorized by service management. Add-on repairs are frequently the most charged back items on warranty claims by auditors. Dealers leave themselves wide open by not properly authorizing these claims.
Authorization codes not properly documented Service management is responsible for assigning authorization codes. Every authorization code must be properly documented and explained on the repair order, many dealers aren't complying with this rule.
Insufficient technician documentation Whether it is a clear and concise cause of failure or a missed transmission flow code, GM has specific requirements for certain repairs and the omission of any of these requirements affects the ability to submit the claim for payment and the potential for debit.

Fortunately, all of these issues can be corrected before it is too late. With some additional training and an honest effort from your employees, a dealership should have no problem becoming completely compliant.

Customer Reviews

Our customers say it best...

jlwarranty training is one of the best investments I could have made regarding this dealership. They came in prior to an audit and saved us a considerable amount of time and money. The investment paid for itself and then some. We will be sure to have them back again and again.

Jeff - Chantilly, VA

I am sure without your services, should I have been involved in a factory audit, it would have been financially disastrous to me and my dealership. The precise and simple way you pointed out our discrepancies in both service and sales make it easy for us to take corrective action for the future. I was also amazed at debits that had been made to my service department that you were able to show us why they should not have been debits and helped us file for reversal.

Steve - Marion, NC

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In-Dealership Warranty Training

Training is typically 2-3 days depending on the size of the dealership, suspected severity of policy deviations, and unique training needs. For further information on this service, please call 800.852.6298.

  • At your dealership
  • At your convenience
  • Customized to meet your specific needs
Per Day (2 day minimum)
Get Started *Plus Travel Expenses.

Remember! Your investment could pay for itself in missed revenue alone! Many of our dealers have told us that they easily got back the money they spent on training by simply claiming for allowed warranty dollars that they were previously missing. The investment in your service department will benefit everyone when they have gained confidence by having a complete understanding of General Motor's rules for warranty claims reimbursement.

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