Free Warranty Analysis For GM Dealerships

Complete this free analysis to see what jlwarranty can do for your warranty situation. All dealership information is held in strict confidence.

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2021 Gross Sales 2020 Gross Sales
Y.T.D Thru: Y.T.D (Full Year)
Warranty Labor Account 462 $ $
Warranty Parts Accounts 480 $ $
Body Shop Warranty Account 472 $ $
Factory Receivables (open) Account 263 $ $
Job Cards Recorded - Warranty Claims
Job Cards Recorded - Mechanical Cars & Trucks
Total New Vehicles Sold Y.T.D Units
Policy Work Account 67D $ $
This analysis can identify:
  • Possible areas of concern with your warranty
  • Potential areas of lost revenue
  • An estimated cost to have jlwarranty process your claims
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