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Please Read! jlwarranty's warranty claims processing service is NOT intended to take away the job of a devoted, well-trained, and capable warranty administrator. These one-of-a-kind individuals are a great asset to the dealership and we admire their commitment to warranty. In contrast, some dealerships do not have the right individuals or anyone at all in place to properly handle their warranty administration. These are the dealerships we intend to help.

Compare the benefits of jlwarranty's Warranty Claims Processing Service to your dealership's current warranty operations. Simply check the box in the "My Warranty Operations" column that applies.

jlwarranty service
My Warranty Operations
100% systemized
97% average first time paid rate
Advanced internal claims processing software
Provides the most up-to-date parts pricing direct from GM
Every warranty dollar you are entitled to is claimed, collected, and kept.
Schedules are current with no overage claims
No high reject rates
No costly write-offs
Unbiased information
Ability to see warranty trends.
Availability of reports and feedback to assist managers in identifying and correcting problems as they arise, before they get out of control.
Every claim processed according to GM Service Policies & Procedures
You are quickly notified of any deviations to policy so you can take corrective action
All necessary requirements, authorizations, signatures, and supporting documentation are submitted
No training of personnel to process warranty
No turnover of warranty administrators
No costly mistakes, filling in for absences, wages, benefits, vacations, etc. for warranty administrator position
Knowledgeable staff
Several years of experience processing warranty claims
Complete team of warranty professionals to rely on for warranty support
Dealership personnel are educated as claims are processed to bring everyone in the service department up to speed on policy, proper documentation, bulletin announcements and more.
jlwarranty service
My Warranty Operations

If your warranty operations has fewer checks than jlwarranty's column it may be time to consider our professional warranty claims processing service. Don't settle for anything but the best, contact us today!

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There are no costly wages, benefits, or training to pay for an in-house warranty administrator.

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