Compare jlwarranty vs. other warranty claims processing companies

Don’t trust your dealership’s warranty administration to just anyone. We do more than simply “submit” your claims for payment. Use this comparison table as a scorecard when comparing jlwarranty to other warranty claims processing companies or individuals.

  jlwarranty Others
Endorsed by GM Dealer Equipment
Certified by General Motors

Most are not
Alert to potential parts debits

Most do not
263 Warranty Schedule reconciled monthly

Most do not
Review dealer analysis reports and provide valuable feedback

Most do not
One all-inclusive monthly rate

Most have hidden fees
No contract to sign

Most require contracts
Document scanning and archiving capability

Most do not
Educate dealership personnel

Most do not

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What separates jlwarranty from other claims processing companies?
  1. GM Endorsement: jlwarranty is the only warranty claims processing service endorsed by General Motors and offered through GM Dealer Equipment.
  2. GM Certification: jlwarranty has attained certification from General Motors to provide a warranty claims processing service for dealerships. Most companies do not have this certification.
  3. ICAPS (Interactive Claims Analysis & Processing System) jlwarranty utilizes a proprietary claims processing software to help minimize reject rates, apply timely parts pricing and labor time, create warranty feedback reports, and much more.
  4. Electronic Document Scanning: This high speed option eliminates courier transit times and keeps warranty claims in the dealership.
  5. Warranty Manager Website: jlwarranty provides a unique Warranty Manager website for each of our customers. It is designed to help improve efficiency, educate personnel, streamline cash flow, and keeps management in control of their warranty operations.

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