Why Dealerships Choose jlwarranty

No two dealerships are the same. Our all-inclusive warranty claims processing service is tailored to meet a variety of unique warranty situations.

jlwarranty's claims processing service is ideal for all dealerships, but especially for dealerships with high warranty expense and/or personnel concerns.

Many dealerships have difficulty with the reimbursement process of warranty claim administration. The problem is often associated with lack of training, high personnel turnover, confusion over policy, and poor documentation. As a result, transactions go uncollected, get tied up in receivables, and are not compliant, which may lead to costly chargebacks.

A substantial amount of the dealership's money is generated through warranty administration, timely processing of warranty transactions and, consequently, speedy payment depends greatly on the performance of those involved. Warranty administration is more than simply submitting claims. Dealerships should have an experienced individual who is responsible for collecting valuable warranty dollars while maintaining compliance to OEM policy. Take a look at your staff's experience, workload, and priorities. If your dealership does not have a devoted, well-trained, and capable warranty administrator, your warranty operations may not be getting the attention it deserves.

Put jlwarranty's all-inclusive service to work for you. Our experienced team works closely with your personnel on all aspects of warranty claims administration.

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