Loaner Car Log

Loaner Car Log

Record activities for several loaner vehicles at one time.

Loaner Car Log Content

Loaner Car Log

- Accurately track loaner cars

- Easy to use

- Each book allows for 120 separate entries.

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About the Loaner Car Log

The Loaner Car Log Book will record up to 120 loaner car entries, which should be made in ink and kept in chronological order. The log book will help protect you during a review and should be retained for two years after the date of the last entry.

One log book may be used to record all the activities for several loaner vehicles, or a separate log may be kept for each vehicle. If a log is used for only one vehicle, space is available to write the complete VIN of the vehicle.

If reimbursement will be claimed under an OEM Loaner Car Program, make an entry in the log each time a loaner vehicle is provided, and when it is returned. Each entry should show:

  • Repair order number on which the repairs are detailed
  • Date when the loaner was provided
  • Date when the loaner was returned
  • Odometer reading when the loaner was provided
  • Odometer reading when the loaner was returned
  • Total number of loaner days and miles (optional)
  • Customer’s name
  • Vehicle type and VIN
  • Brief reason why the loaner was provided. If the reason was because the required parts were on backorder, the number of the Parts Shipper/Invoice and/or SPAC case should be noted.

If this book is not reserved as a log for only one vehicle then each entry should identify the vehicle provided by VIN.

Free Tips on Loaner Vehicles:

  • An exchange body control module or speedometer has been ordered (a loaner must be provided in order to maintain an accurate mileage history)
  • Parts are on National Back Order
  • The vehicle is in a car down situation
  • The repairs are too extensive to complete in one day
  • The vehicle is unsafe to operate until the repairs may be completed
  • Additional damage may result from continued operation
  • The shop is too busy or overloaded and repairs cannot be started right away
  • The customer is merely just asking for a rental
  • The required work can be completed quickly or without much delay
  • The vehicle is in primarily for maintenance repairs
  • Loaner expense should not exceed 5 days (Paramaters vary by OEM)
  • Service management approval
  • Attach a copy of the rental agreement to the claim
  • Verify that the loaner car is not covered by a service contract before applying it to a warranty claim

Pricing: Loaner Car Log

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