I’m Just a Warranty Claim

There’s a lot of steps to get to an accepted warranty transaction. Every repair, whether it is customer pay or warranty begins with the customer check in process, where the customer is greeted and directed to an available advisor in preparation for consulting.

The service advisor first determines the customer concern and establishes a working agreement with the customer. It is at this stage of the process that warranty eligibility is determined. The advisor has reviewed IVH, the vehicle mileage, and the concern, and made the determination for the future of the repair (e.g. warranty, customer pay, or in some cases, internal). 

Once the repair is determined to be warranty, it begins its journey to becoming an Accepted Warranty Transaction in Global Warranty Management. 

The next step for the warranty job card is dispatch to the appropriate technician. The warranty claim is now moving steadily through the process, with no road blocks in sight!

The advisor routinely checks on the progress of the repair throughout the visit and keeps the customer informed of work status and updates while the technician is actively diagnosing and performing necessary repairs. Add on repairs, excess parts, and/or OLH issues may come to light at this stage of the warranty claims life which may impede its timely progress to becoming an Accepted Warranty Transaction. 

The warranty claim may end up on the warranty administrator or service manager’s desk waiting for authorization. Unfortunately, many warranty claims languish on the desk patiently waiting for authorization. 

Sometimes, the warranty claim is quickly reviewed and authorized by management and continues on the journey. Once the technician has completed the necessary repairs, final inspection is performed to verify the quality and completeness of the work. The technician finalizes the documentation on the job card and then it is ready for invoicing.  

It is at this time that the delivery process is taking place with the advisor and customer. The advisor explains the work and any non-warranty charges, cashiers and returns the vehicle to the customer. 

The warranty claim continues on to the warranty administrator for submission for payment. The end is in sight for the warranty claim, it has almost completed its journey!

The warranty administrator/service manager performs an inspection of the claim including technician documentation, time punching, signatures, authorizations, and all other components of the claim to ensure accuracy and completeness. The labor operation(s) are selected with the corresponding labor time applied. The warranty claim is ready for submission. 

Some claims will be Accepted for payment while others will reject, possibly requiring additional information/documentation or authorization. The claim will go back to the advisor or manager for input and unfortunately, like earlier in the process, sit in a folder on the desk patiently waiting for correction. A few warranty claims may fade away, never corrected, never authorized, never submitted and maybe only “found” when an Open Job Card Report is reviewed. If it is found, it may continue on the journey or it may be written off, never to be claimed. 

For those claims that successfully make it through the process to becoming an Accepted Warranty Transaction, payment will be received and the paperwork filed away. The repair becomes a permanent history in IVH for the VIN. The journey for this warranty claim is complete.

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