Wiring Repair Labor Operations

Wiring Repair Labor Operations: Wiring repairs require unique and specific labor operations. When one of the operations is selected for a repair performed by a technician additional data is required when submitting the transaction. The additional information may include the following:
  • The Harness Routing View Document ID Number from SI
  • The Grid Location From the Routing View Document found in SI
  • The Connector End View Document ID Number from SI
The Harness Routing View Document ID and Grid Location are necessary when wiring repairs are performed. The Connector End View Document ID is necessary when performing terminal/connector repairs. 

The technician is responsible for following diagnostics as found in SI when preforming a wiring repair and noting the Document ID number and/or grid location on the shop copy of the job card. Additionally, the technician must indicate his/her observations on what the cause of the condition was and what repair was performed to correct the issue.

When one of the electrical labor operations is selected for a repair, an additional required field will appear in the labor dependency field of Global Warranty Management for entry of the required information.

The following wiring repair labor operations require additional information with claim submission.
  • Terminal Replacement - 5430840
  • Connector Kit Replacement - 5430860
  • Connector with Leads Assembly Replacement - 5430880
  • Wire to Wire Repair - 5430902
  • Connector Reconnection - 5430922
  • Harness Replacement - 5430940
  • Ground Connection Repair - 5430962
  • Body Ground Stud or Nut Repair or Replacement - 5430010
Recently updated bulletin 10-00-89-005F contains the required additional information for these operations. The bulletin was updated to include the 2017 model year.

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