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Warranty Administration Program A substantial amount of the dealership's money is generated through warranty administration. Timely processing and payment of warranty claims depends greatly on the performance of those involved.
jlwarranty will help you:
• Lower warranty administration expenses
• Ensure compliancy
• Maximize every warranty opportunity
• Provide valuable training

Warranty administration is more than simply submitting repair orders. Dealerships should have an experienced individual who is responsible for collecting valuable warranty dollars while maintaining compliance to factory policies and procedures. Take a look at your staff's experience, workload, and priorities. If your dealership does not have a devoted, well-trained, and capable warranty administrator, your warranty operations may not be getting the attention it deserves.

Effective and Affordable Factory Warranty Solutions:

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Solution A: Claims Processing

jlwarranty collects every warranty dollar, helps you achieve compliancy, and keeps management notified of any concerns. Put our all-inclusive service to work for you. Select a manufacturer for details:

GM, Chrysler, Ford

Solution B: Warranty Training

Train your service personnel with nationwide warranty workshops, in-dealership warranty training, or online warranty training courses. Great for beginners as well as veterans.

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Solution C: Warranty Resources

Become a member of our rapidly growing and
resourceful community of warranty professionals.
Educate your service personnel with newsletters, reference cards, guidebooks, forums, and more.

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The Official Warranty Guide details every manufacturer's warranty guidelines, deductibles, warranty extensions, and other pertinent warranty information.
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The best GM warranty training available coming to a city near you.This workshop is suitable for beginners or experienced service personnel.
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