Ford Warranty Claims Processing Service

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A cost effective alternative to administering warranty claims in-house

Trust jlwarranty's experienced team to administer your warranty claims, allowing service personnel to focus more on service and increasing retail sales. Our all-inclusive service strengthens your warranty operations from the assignment of labor operation codes to analyzing your warranty receivables schedule. We handle it all for a low, fixed rate with no contracts or start-up fees! You can expect the greatest return on your investment from:

  •   Financial Impact  
  •   Control & Support  
  •   Security  
  •   Technology  
  •   Peace of Mind   

• Collect every warranty dollar
• Enjoy steady cash flow
• Eliminate unclaimed warranty revenue
• Reduce overhead

• Maintain control with our online management reports
• Enjoy one-on-one support from our dealership-experienced staff
• Get answers to technical questions
• Receive notification of important policy information

• Trusted, solid reputation with our dealership clients since 1977
• All information is kept secure and confidential

• Utilize our electronic document scanning option for quick turnaround
• Access your private account website for technician times, important announcements, and more

• Be compliant to Ford policy
• Be flexible with no contract to sign
• Free up your personnel to focus more on service and increasing retail sales
• Technician's labor time are available as soon as the repair orders are processed

Get Started Today - Call 800.852.6298

free analysisContact a claims processing team member at 800.852.6298 or complete a FREE Warranty Analysis. This analysis will identify:
• Possible areas of concern with your warranty.
• Potential areas of lost revenue.
• An estimated low fixed rate to have us process your claims.
  All dealership information is held in strict confidence

What happens after I complete the analysis?
  • An experienced warranty professional will contact you to go over the results of your warranty analysis and answer any questions you may have. The service will be explained in detail and all of your specific dealership concerns will be addressed.
  • If you choose to proceed, you will be sent a "Startup Packet" that includes all of the information pertaining to our service and how to establish your account.
  • Upon receipt of the completed "Startup Packet" your account will be established and you may begin to send claims immediately.
  • Claims are processed, quality controlled, and submitted direct to Ford.
  • That's it! All your warranty payments will be directly deposited into your open account just as if you processed the claims yourself.

How The Service Works

Step 1: Submit your warranty claims to us

Customers may forward their warranty documentation to jlwarranty via the following options:

scannerOption 1: Document Scanner - This high speed option eliminates courier transit time and keeps warranty claims in the dealership. Simply scan all necessary documents including sublet invoices, diagnostic check sheets, delivery receipts, etc. quickly and easily to your custom warranty manager website. Additional benefits include:

  • Document scanning blends effortlessly with service department procedures already in place.
  • Our recommended document scanners can scan up to 20 pages per minute.
  • Claims are here at jlwarranty almost instantenious. This means processed claims are back to the dealer sooner
  • The savings generated from not paying for overnight shipping offsets the cost of the scanner. Once the balance has been made, the scanner is paid for. Sending claims to us from that point on is at no cost to you.
  • The more you scan claims to us the better off you are based on our “first-in, first-out” process. We recommend daily or multiple times daily.
  • When additional information is needed for a claim, the dealer is contacted via their custom warranty manager website which details all the information needed to resubmit the information via the website.
  • We have two year electronic records retention of all repair orders and supporting documentation. We can retrieve it for questions, or provide copies to the dealer in the event of a disaster or simply lost.

computerOption 2: Dial in to your computer system - jlwarranty can connect to your dealership's software provider (i.e. ADP, Autosoft, UCS, Reynolds, etc.) and close your repair orders online. To maximize dollars and help you with claims compliancy, jlwarranty must receive the warranty repair order. Under no circumstances do we process claims by simply reviewing the warranty information provided by the dealer's in-house computer system.

faxOption 3: Fax - Warranty claims can be faxed to our office at 1.800.909.5678. This option eliminates courier transit time and keeps warranty claims in the dealership. Simply fax all necessary documents including sublet invoices, diagnostic check sheets, delivery receipts, etc.

Step 2: Reimbursement and Compliance Evaluation

Our warranty claim processing service has many advantages:

  • Every repair order is verified om OASIS for the correct in-service date, mileage, and applicable service contracts. Dealers are notified of any open recalls that still need to be performed.
  • Each VIN is verified via OASIS and factory information is retained in our system
  • Ensure accurate use of dealer self authorization
  • Monitor sublet charges to eliminate overcharges
  • Review supporting documentation for accuracy and completion

The claim is dispatched to an experienced warranty professional who applies the appropriate labor operation based on technician comments, work performed, and vehicle build.

The claim then goes through a multi-point check system which cross references all data. This ensures compliance as well as confirms all labor, parts and policy time is applied accurately.

If all or part of a claim cannot be processed (i.e. missing documentation) a request for more information will be sent to the service department indicating what action is needed to complete the claim. The dealership responds to the request and the corrected warranty claim is then submitted to the factory.

Step 3: Claims Submitted for Payment
  • After each warranty claim has gone through all quality control measures, the claim is released to Ford for payment. A detailed warranty acknowledgement is provided for each repair order highlighting labor operation, time, codes, and dollar amount. The warranty acknowledgement is scanned to the dealership depending on the method of repair order receipt. Technician labor time can be retrieved from our Warranty Manager website for payroll if requested.
  • Forward the daily register to jlwarranty. The register is reconciled. All credits continue to be posted directly to the dealership's warranty account.
  • The warranty receivables schedule is analyzed monthly to ensure we have processed all warranty claims and there is nothing left outstanding at the dealership. Your reconciled warranty schedule is then returned to your dealership outlining any necessary action that needs to be taken against any parts or labor accounts.

Dealership customers have technical support available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST. If you have any questions about a claim, Ford policy, or even how to read a warranty expense report, we are only a phone call away.

Unique Warranty Manager Website -

A website for our customers to upload warranty claims and obtain information such as technician times, repair order tracking, special announcements, and more.


The Dealership's Role

Teamwork is defined as a cooperative effort by a group or team… jlwarranty strives to be an integral member of your dealership team, for excellence in your warranty operations!

Utilizing jlwarranty to process your warranty claims relieves service personnel from being solely responsible for warranty, allowing them to focus more on service and increasing retail sales. However, the service team must still be up to date and knowledgeable of Ford policy. The team must also be responsive and willing to address claim issues as jlwarranty brings them to their attention; authorizing add on repairs, providing before and after alignment specs, and documenting a five digit damage code on the delivery receipt, for example.

In order for jlwarranty to help ensure that the dealership's warranty claims are compliant and accurate, the dealership may be requested to supply additional documentation, authorization or information to support the repairs performed. Teamwork is critical in these situations to get the information processed and the claim submitted in a timely manner.

Service consultants, technicians, warranty administrators, service managers and various other service personnel all play a vital role in a dealership's warranty operations. An honest effort from each team member is essential for success. An accurate customer concern statement during the write up interview, a descriptive cause of failure and correction statement, appropriate authorizations and signatures, and warranty labor coding that best suits the repair performed are just a few of the tasks that must be completed to ensure claim accuracy and success.

Problems are inevitable with a team that does not work as a cohesive unit. Claims go uncollected, get tied up in receivables, and are not compliant, which may lead to costly chargebacks. With jlwarranty on your team, enjoy timely claims processing, help with claims compliancy and more control than ever before.

jlwarranty's Role

Since we do not lock our customers into a binding contract, we provide the following promise to define our commitment to our customers.

We promise to:

• Collect every warranty dollar from the manufacturer for repair work performed on vehicles.
• Process your claims as quickly as possible, efficiently and effectively the first time, every time.
• We help you follow Ford policy to minimize potential debits.
• Keep you notified of all warranty concerns.
• Supply experienced warranty professionals that you can depend on.
• Reduce the number of rejected claims.
• Keep warranty receivables current.
• Keep all information confidential.

Dealership Impact

How jlwarranty's warranty claims processing service can impact dealership personnel

Dealership personnel will notice an improvement in warranty operations with jlwarranty's service. Following are some examples of what may be expected:

Position Key Points Details
Dealer Principal

• Higher Profit Potential
• Reduce Service Operation Expenses
• Audit Compliancy
• Peace-of-Mind
• Flexible - No Binding Contract
• Secure

Utilizing jlwarranty's service often pays for itself by collecting warranty dollars that may have gone unclaimed, tied up in receivables or unnecessarily rejected. All information is kept confidential. There are no contracts to sign, no start-up fees and we will process your warranty for as long or short of time as needed. Warranty administration costs may be reduced by eliminating training expenses, personnel turnover, payroll taxes, costly benefits, unemployment insurance premiums, factory chargebacks and unpaid warranty claims.
Service Manager

• Direct Communication
• Peace-of-Mind
• Maintain Control

Service managers get helpful recommendations to all warranty issues that arise... giving you more control than ever before. Plus, we are always a phone call away.
Service Consultants

• Education
• Customer Satisfaction

We keep service consultants on the right path by emphasizing the need for accurate customer information, including customer concern. We perform an OASIS on every vehicle and provide notification of any open recalls on the vehicle in case it is overlooked.

• Compliance

We educate technicians on policy to help maximize payment and minimize costly chargebacks.
Office Manager

• Correct Accounting
• Steady Cash Flow

Our easy to follow instruction sheets spell out exactly what to do with your warranty claims once we are finished with them.

How Dealer Size Can Effect Warranty Operations

Dealership size has a significant impact on how warranty claims are administered. Here is an overview of how our service can impact a dealer struggling with warranty based on its size. Select your approximate dealership size:

Customer Reviews

We've received countless testimonials from customers who have successfully switched from in-house warranty processing to our service. Here is what a few of them have to say.

  • "There are a lot of changes on warranty claims and jlwarranty is up to date on all of these. Your services have brought in a lot of revenue."
  • "jlwarranty catches all necessary requirements needed, authorizations, signatures, receipts, etc. We don't have to worry we missed something."
  • "Your service helps us collect as much as possible in Ford warranty. Before we started using jlwarranty we were a year behind in claims and a total mess."
  • "Because of your system my warranty coding time has dropped by at least one third or more not to mention less rejects and ease of use."

Our oldest ongoing customer started in 1990… that's 20 years ago!

Reference list available upon request. Call 800.852.6298

Pricing - A smart investment

Our low rate saves you money as volume fluctuates, which provides payroll flexibility by turning your fixed operation expense into a low variable expense.

"Investing in jlwarranty's Warranty Claims Processing Service is like getting a bonus added to your dealership's bottom line. The service often pays for itself by collecting warranty dollars that may have previously been going unclaimed, tied up in receivables, or rejected. We even clean up your overaged claims. Not to mention, there are no costly wages, benefits, or training to pay for an in-house warranty administrator.
• We process your warranty claims at a low, fixed rate • No start up fee • There are no contracts to sign • Service can be utilized for as long or short of time as needed
Complete A FREE Warranty Analysis to determine your rate

If we can lower your warranty administration costs, collect every warranty dollar you are entitled to, and help you with claims compliancy, can you think of any reason not to get started?

Length of service
jlwarranty can act as a temporary fill-in for your warranty administrator or manage a dealership's warranty indefinitely. It all depends on the dealership's needs.
• There are no contracts to sign
• Take advantage of the service for as long or as short as necessary

Temporary Warranty Claims Processing Option
We understand that situations arise when a dealer's warranty administrator goes on vacation, becomes ill, takes family leave, retires, or simply quits. This often leaves a dealership at risk of falling behind, resulting in a loss of steady cash flow because many dealers do not have anyone qualified to fill in.

If a vacancy is not filled quickly, claims stand the chance of becoming overaged, which means potentially losing that money for good.

jlwarranty can fill the void for you, for as long or short of time as needed. No contracts, no pressure, just a service you can depend on. If you lost your warranty administrator and are searching to replace him/her we can process the claims while you find just the right person. And when you do, we can train them.

Claims Clean-up Option
Are you already behind with aged claims piling up? Our warranty claims clean-up service can help you get caught up as well as point out areas of lost revenue or audit concerns. Learn more

Frequently Asked Questions

How The Service Works Questions

Q – How does this service work?
A – jlwarranty applies the appropriate labor operation based on technician comments, policy, specific vehicle, and work performed. It is then processed and then submitted directly to Ford for payment.

Q – Do the repair orders have to have the labor operation and technician times on them when they are sent to jlwarranty?
A – No. You can send the repair orders opened or closed, with or without labor operations. All repair orders are processed systematically regardless of how they come to us. This ensures maximum compliancy and revenue.

Q – How long does is take to get a claim processed?
A – Typically within 1-3 business days. We operate on a "first in - first out" system. jlwarranty maintains an experienced level of staffing at all times to ensure efficiency and quality.

Q – Do I have to sign a contract?
A – No, dealers can utilize our service for as long or short of time as needed. However, we do provide a written dealer agreement outlining what jlwarranty requires from the dealership to accurately and efficiently process warranty claims. This also establishes what the expectations should be for 100% satisfaction.

Q – If I outsource my warranty will I lose control?
A – No. You'll get helpful recommendations to all warranty issues that arise and answers to any questions you may have... giving you more control than ever before. Plus, we are always a phone call away. You can't get much more control than that.

Financial Questions

Q – How much does it cost?
A – We process your warranty claims at a low fixed rate. We are all inclusive. There are no hidden fees or packages to choose from. To determine a rate please call 1.800.852.6298

Q – Can I process claims at my dealership for less?
A – We help you determine the true cost when trying to decide if jlwarranty is right for you. Through our years of experience we've learned that we are usually a more cost effective solution, but every dealership situation is unique and different. Let us help you explore the advantages to this important decision.

Q – I've found cheaper rates, what makes jlwarranty's service worth the extra cost?
A – Consider our warranty claims processing service an investment. The service often pays for itself by maximizing revenue, helping you with claims compliancy, reducing overhead expenses and streamlining service department operations. At jlwarranty you get what you pay for. We are the leader in warranty services, training and education. We have instances of dealers "shopping" for rates and choosing a less qualified service because it is cheaper. Eventually 90% come to jlwarranty within a few months with warranty operations out of control. We encourage our prospective dealers to make the right choice first.

Q – Will I be able to pay my technicians if my claims are not at the dealership?
A – Yes, technician labor time can be retrieved from our Warranty Manager website if requested.

Claims Delivery Questions

Q – What shipping options do I have to provide my warranty claims to jlwarranty?
A – jlwarranty recommends our scanning process. It eliminates courier transit times, saves shipping costs, and keeps warranty claims in the dealership. Dealerships may also package their warranty claims and send them directly to jlwarranty via a courier with tracking capabilities, i.e. UPS, Fed Ex.

Q – Why do you recommend scanning rather than shipping?
A – We recommend scanning because:

  • Courier transit times are eliminated
  • Eliminates shipping costs
  • Warranty claims stay in the dealership
  • Corrections to repair orders made instantaneously
  • No weather related delays

General Questions

Q – Why doesn't everyone use jlwarranty's service?
A – Many dealerships have warranty administrators on staff that do an excellent job of administering warranty claims. Other dealers are unaware that other options are available. Our best advertisements are our customers. See what our customers have to say about our service.

Q – Why do dealers choose jlwarranty to process their warranty?
A – Each dealership has their own specific reason why they entrust jlwarranty with their warranty administration.

Q – My warranty administrator is great. Why would I want to change anything?
A – If your warranty administrator is currently collecting every warranty dollar you are entitled to while staying in compliance with Ford policy then there may be no need to change anything. jlwarranty's Warranty Claims Processing Service is available on a temporary basis while an individual is away for a period of time (vacation, family leave, etc.).

For any other questions click here or call 800.852.6298 and a Customer Service Representative will assist you.